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This piece is something of a meditation on trust, difference, and the role that rumours can play in how we view, and think about, those around us.  As with all Islandpodcast episodes this is best listened to with headphones or earbuds.

Playing with Words and Sound

alchemy-synthThis short piece has me playing around with the new Alchemy synthesizer that Apple has recently added to Garageband for iOS. Originally made by a company called Camel, the Alchemy synthesizer is one of the more popular tools for musicians and DJs. Apple recently bought Camel and has incorporated the Alchemy synth into Garageband. The synth voice you hear in this piece after IPC’s musical signature is called Alchemist’s Choir, and is one of hundreds of options available in the Alchemy synthesizer.

The spoken word piece has no beginning and end to it. It’s simply some slightly polished words and phrases that floated into my mind while I was playing with the different voices in the synthesizer.


Soundseeing with Watson

Today I did some soundseeing with Watson, traveling to the post office to pick up our new Instant Pot and then get some supplies to cook with. We also visited the Esquimalt Lagoon for a walk along the beach. The audio in this episode is not great due to an annoying buzz in one channel of my binaural mics, and a really loud ocean surf that is almost overpowering at times. My podcasting chops are a bit rusty but I should get up to speed before long. While rebuilding GarageBand to make this episode I was able to import thousands of Apple loops from the now extinct SoundPro, so I have a treasure trove of audio to play with as I make new podcasts. Stay tuned for more episodes in the months ahead.

Music in this episode is from The Milk Carton Kids and The Who’s iconic Won’t Get Fooled Again.


Watson Dog aka “Watty” – four year old Australian Labradoodle

National Day of Podcasting: For Bob Goyetche 

With a bit of a prod from Sylvain Grand’Maison I have done a brief reprise of Islandpodcasting for the National Day of Podcasting. This one is for Bob Goyetche. 

Composting History – Ancestral Technologies and Creative Incrementalism


The composter that is digesting all the ideas and old newspapers.


Apollo 12 Landing – November 19, 1969

The lunar landings of the Apollo Space Missions were a game changer for all of humanity. Neil Armstrong’s famous words, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”, were eerily prophetic given the magnitude of the technology spinoffs from that era. In this episode of composting history I explore the ideas of technology spinoffs, both intended and unintended, and the notion of intersecting innovations. Some of the thinking in this podcast was stimulated by Stephen Johnson’s series “How We Got to Now.” It’s available on Netflix, and well worth a look if you are interested in the history of innovation.

New Islandpodcasting Series – Composting History

I’m starting a new series of podcasts called Composting History. The podcasts highlight some of the content from newspapers that I have collected over many years. As we downsize our household I’m getting rid of much of the physical newsprint material and keeping only the headline section of the paper. So, a lot of the actual paper itself is going into the compost. Thus the title, Composting History.

But, before I recycle these materials, I look through them and reflect on the message of the times they represent. I talk a bit about how those moments have become history, and where possible, I weave them together with other content and perspectives from the web.  The first episode focuses on a headline from Dec. 9, 1980, the year that John Lennon was assassinated. This podcast includes some of his music, as well as an audio file from the Internet Archive that contains a scan of New York City radio stations the night he was murdered. The photo below is a snapshot of the actual headline from the paper that I have kept.


Soundseeing and Music in Victoria

This binaural podcast is best listened to with headphones or earbuds for realistic and immersive sound.

This episode of Islandpodcasting combines a bit of soundseeing in Victoria’s Chinatown with some music from a recent show at Hermann’s Jazz Club. The performance at Hermann’s Jazz Club was by the Vancouver Island based Herbicidal Maniacs. Led by singer-song writer Steve Palen, the band also includes Ed van Benthem on drums, Dan Dube, keyboard and vocals, Brent Redberger on bass and vocals, and Rolly Sandoval on lead guitar. The band plays all original material and covers a wide range of musical styles. The three songs in the podcast were recorded with permission from Steve Palen, and were taken from the first set of the night. Enjoy!  As usual, any comments or feedback are always welcome.


The Herbicidal Maniacs at Hermann’s Jazz Club, Victoria BC